Aviation materials and technologies №3, 2011


  • S.A. Muboyadjan, D.A. Alexandrov, D.S. Gorlov

    Nanolayer strengthening coatings for the protection of steel and titanium GTE compressor blades

  • E.F. Volkova, V.V. Antipov, G.I. Morosova

    Characteristic features of the structure and phase composition formation of wrought semifinished products made of MA14 commercial alloy

  • V.P. Migunov, D.P. Farafonov

    Tests of basic service properties of new-grade sealing materials for GTE passages

  • M.I. Dushin, A.V. Khrulkov, R.R. Mukhametov

    Selected technological parameters for the autoclave molding of polymer composites materials

  • N.E. Uvarova, L.A. Orlova, Yu.E. Lebedeva, D.V. Graschenkov

    Electron paramagnetic resonance for studying the structural changes during the gel formation process when producing ceramics and glass ceramic by sol-gel method

  • V.S. Erasov, E.A. Kotova

    Erosion resistance of aviation materials against the solid (dusty) particles

  • V.V. Antipov, O.G. Senatorova, V.V. Sidelnikov

    Investigation of fire resistance of hybrid aluminium-glassplastic SIAL Laminates