Aviation materials and technologies №4, 2009


  • V.I. Postnov, M.V. Postnova, I.A. Kazakov, P.A. Abramov

    Reculiarities of contour-cutting work of MPCM plate stock in serial production

  • V.I. Postnov, O.G. Senatorova, G.F. Zhelezina, I.A. Kazakov, P.A. Abramov, V.A. Gherasimov, M.V. Postnova

    Application experience of ALOR D16/41 MPCM in leading-edge assembly of An-124-100 airplane

  • V.I. Postnov, V.I. Petukhov, N.S. Kavun, P.A. Abramov, A.A. Yudin

    Development of production technology of prepregs with asymmetrical binding agent application

  • K.E. Nikitin, V.I. Postnov, S.M. Kachura, A.E. Rakhmatullin, O.L. Burkhan

    ISS-1003M computerized installation for continuous monitoring of binding content in prepregs in saturation process

  • V.I. Postnov, O.G. Senatorova, S.A. Karimova, T.G. Pavlovskaya, G.F. Zhelezina, I.A. Kazakov, P.A. Abramov, M.V. Postnova, O.E. Kotov

    Formation peculiarities of large-dimension sheets of metal polymer composite materials, their structure and properties