Aviation materials and technologies №1, 2009


  • L.V. Nagaeva, V.V. Nagaev, V.V. Semenychev
  • V.N. Koshelev, O.A. Gubenkova

    Research on the protective properties of pyrolytic aluminum coatings of 30 hgsa steel

  • V.V. Nagaev, L.V. Nagaeva

    Research of the cluster composition nickel-fluoroplastic coatings

  • E.V. Tyurikov

    Research on the performance characteristics of coatings produced in the self-regulating chromium-plating electrolyte, containing nanopowder of aluminum oxide with the particle size of 5-50 nm

  • V.V. Nagaev

    Research on the nickel-plating electrolytes containing nanjpowders

  • S.N. Mikov, B.P. Naletov

    Research on cluster nickel-plating electrolytes using optic spectroscopy method

  • B.P. Naletov

    Cluster galvanization-nanotechnology of electrochemical colloid systems