Aviation materials and technologies №2, 2009


  • V.A. Iljin

    Nanotechnology of the cluster electroplated coatings

  • V.V. Semenychev, T.B. Smirnova

    On the possible evaluation of the porosity of coatings by potentiostatic methods

  • V.N. Koshelev

    Particularities of the application technology of pyrolitic aluminum coatings

  • A.V. Panarin

    Pyrolitic carbide-chromium coatings: production, properties and hardware support of the process

  • R.K. Salakhova

    Chromium-plating in the electrolyte containing trivalent chromium salts and nanopowder of aluminum oxide

  • R.K. Salakhova, B.P. Naletov, E.V. Tyurikov

    Electric deposition of the electroplated coatings with the rubbing method