Subscription to the hard copy of the scientific and technical journal «Aviation materials and technologies» (ISSN 2071-9140) is possible in the post-offices «Russian Post» by the Catalogue of Rospechat Agency, subscription index: 48616.

In order to buy separate issues of the journal it is necessary to send request via e-mail address with an indication of issues of the journal and bank details to make up an invoice.

Subscribers have a free access to the full text electronic version of articles of the journal for the current year in PDF format, without their printing and downloading. Access to the content is allowable during the subscription period.

In order to have a free access to the content of the journal it is necessary to send e-mail with the request written in a free form to with the indication of the following information:

  1.  Subscription period to the hard copy of the journal.
  2.  Subscriber (legal person / natural person).
  3.  Name of subscription agency.
  4.  Name, patronymic name and surname of the contact person.
  5.  Phone of the contact person.
  6.  E-mail.

Please attach to your letter the scan-copy of the paid invoice (the name of the journal «Aviation materials and technologies» and the subscription period should be mentioned in the invoice) and the scan-copy of the order for payment on this invoice. The paid bank receipt also can serve as the payment confirmation.

Access to the content of the journal will be provided on site upon entering the e-mail address specified by the user in the request and the password sent to the user’s e-mail address after verification of subscription data.

Login (e-mail address) and the password may be used by the subscriber only. The transfer of login and password to the third parties is prohibited. Otherwise, the access will be cancelled.

Subscribers are forbidden to make copies and distribute in any form the articles received by the access to the content of the journal.

In case of disclosure of the unauthorized use of the login and the password by the third parties, the subscriber is obliged to notify immediately the editorial office about it by means of e-mail to for the purpose of password change.

For additional information:
Phone: +7 (499) 263-85-32 – distribution department,
Phone: +7 (499) 263-87-37 – publishing department.