Aviation materials and technologies №4, 2011


  • S.S. Solntsev, V.A. Rosenenkova, N.A. Mironova, S.V. Gavrilov

    Ceramic coatings for the protection of high-strength steels during the heat treatment

  • D.V. Graschenkov, B.V. Schetanov, E.V Tinyakova, T.M. Scheglova

    Possible application of quartz fiber as a binder when producing a light-weight thermoprotective material on the base of fiber Al2O3

  • A.V. Panarin

    Pyrolytic chromium carbide coatings. Production technology and properties

  • S.V. Strelnikov, O.B. Zastrogina, E.A. Veshkin, N.I. Shvets

    Development of highly effective technologies for the commercial production of interior panels

  • E.N. Kablov, Yu.A Bondarenko, D.E. Kablov

    Particularities of <001> single crystals structure and heat-resistant properties of high-rhenium Ni-base superalloy, produced under the high-gradient directed solidification conditions

  • Yu.V. Sytyi, V.I. Kislyakova, V.A. Sagomonova, M.F. Nikolaeva

    New ВТП-2П multilayer sealant

  • V.S. Erasov, G.A. Nuzhnyi

    Rigid loading cycle in studies of fatigue failure

  • V.N. Kirillov, V.A. Efimow, A.K. Shvedkova, E.V. Nikolaev

    Testing of climatic factors and the mechanical loading effect upon the polymer composite structure and properties