Aviation materials and technologies №2, 2011


  • Yu.V. Loschinin, S.I. Pakhomkin, A.S. Fokin

    Study of the heating rate effect on phase transformations of Al alloys by the differential scanning calorimetry method

  • N.A. Belov

    Efficiently modified heat-resistant Al-base alloys: phase composition optimization principles

  • I.A. Treninkov, A.A. Alexeyev, D.V. Zaytsev, E.V. Filonova

    Study of phase and structural changes along with residual stresses during the high-temperature creep process in VGM4 alloy

  • K.V. Sorokin, V.V. Murashov, M.Yu. Fedotov, V.A. Goncharov

    Prediction of fault propogation in polymer structures by determining the stiffness changes under the material actuation conditions

  • E.N. Kablov, D.V. Graschenkov, N.E. Uvarova

    Study of gel structural changes during the heat treatment of high-temperature glass-ceramic materials according to sol-gel technology by the infrared spectroscopy method

  • B.S. Lomberg, M.M. Bakradze, E.B. Chabina, E.B. Filonova

    Interrelation between structure and properties of Ni-base superalloys for GTE disks

  • R.V. Akatenkov, S.V. Kondrashov, A.S. Fokin, P.S. Morakhovsky

    Polymer network formation features over the curing processes of epoxy oligomers with functionalized nanotubes

  • R.R. Mukhametov, K.R Akhmadieva, L.V. Chursova, D.I. Kogan

    Novel polymer binders for advanced production methods of structural fibrous polymer composites