Aviation materials and technologies №1, 2010


  • L.L. Krasnov, Z.V. Kirina

    Materials providing thermal protection of structural elements during their short-term and long-term operation at the temperature of 260°C

  • I.A. Treninkov, A.A. Alekseev, S.N. Polyakov

    Method of determination of residual stress in monocrystals of nickel superalloys using diffractometer of wide application with Cu Kβ-radiation

  • S.S. Solntsev, V.A. Rozenenkova, N.A. Mironova, V.S. Kaskov

    Comprehensive system of beryllium oxidation protection

  • N.E. Uvarova, D.V. Graschenkov, N.E. Isaeva, L.A. Orlova, P.D. Sarkisov

    High-temperature radio-transparent materials: today and tomorrow

  • V.A. Bogatov, T.S. Trigub, I.V. Mekalina, M.K. Aizatulina

    Evaluation of performance characteristics of new VOS-1 and VOS-2 heat-resistant organic glasses

  • S.S. Solntsev, V.V. Shvagireva, N.V. Isaeva, G.A. Solovieva

    Reinforced heat-resistant glass-enamels for combustion chambers of gas-turbine engines

  • L.V. Semenova, E.K. Kondrashov

    VL-18 modified bromine-epoxy varnish for protection of polymer composite materials