Scientific and Technical Journal «Aviacionnye Materialy and Tehnologii» («Aviation Materials and Technologies»)

Founder and Publisher
Federal State Unitary Enterprise «All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials»

Published since 2000
In exchange for earlier published journal «Issues of aviation science and engineering» of series «Aviation materials» (1984–1999) and scientific and technical collection «Aviation materials» (1977–1983)

Volume – 96 pages

Circulation – 500 copies

Publication frequency – quarterly

Academician of RAS, Professor, Director General of FSUE «VIAM»

Deputy Editor-in-Chief
Candidate of Sciences (Tech.), Head of Scientific-Research Bureau of FSUE «VIAM»

Main purpose of the Journal – informing about the results of fundamental and applied scientific researches in the field of development, creation and implementation of materials and technologies designed for aviation, aerospace and other industries.

Objectives of the Journal:

  • Providing for material scientists of opportunity to publish results of their research.
  • Organization of exchange of views between scientists and specialists of the industry.
  • Increasing the motivation of young scientists and specialists to scientific and research work and educational activities.
  • Facilitate the dissemination of scientific knowledge in the field of materials science.
  • Providing for authors high-quality editorial and publishing services for the preparation, reviewing and publishing of articles.

Topic themes

Articles about developments of structural and functional materials, including composites with metal, polymer and ceramic matrixes, alloys on the basis of aluminum, magnesium, titanium and nickel, intermetallic compounds, steels, protecting coatings, production processes and repair technologies, high-tech processing equipment, protectors against corrosion, aging and bio-damages under all-climatic conditions, methods and facilities of non-destructive testing are published in the Journal.

In addition, data on methods and types of tests and test equipment for determination of strength and resource properties of materials under different test conditions are described in the articles. Serviceability of materials in case of a preset life during operation in aerospace equipment is given as well. In addition, the materials certification system as a guarantee of material quality is described.

Reviewing of papers and their publication in the Journal is free of charge.


The Journal is intended for engineers, scientists and technicians of scientific-research institutes, design bureaus and plants of aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, power engineering and construction industry branches and also for students and post-graduate students of universities and institutes of higher education.


The Journal is included in the scientometric base RISC (Russian Index of Scientific Citing), the abstract and information base RSCI (Russian Science Citation Index on Web of Science) and in «The List of leading reviewed scientific journals and issues, where the main scientific results of theses for competition for the scientific degrees of Doctor and Candidate of Science» approved by the Higher Attestation Commission under the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (abbr. VAK in Russian) have to be published.

The Journal is included in PILA (Publishers International Linking Association) and participates in the project CrossRef. All published in the Journal articles are assigned indexes DOI (Digital Object Identifier).

Delayed Open Access

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